Loose Tile in Shower/ Bath

Its not going fix itself!!

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Replace Missing Tile shower/Bath

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Silicon Seals & Plastic Seals…

Replace Bath / Shower Silicon Seals 

We will remove the old silicon seals between the bath / shower and the tiles. Over time this gets black and moldy, worn and cant stick to the tiles and the bath / shower tray as strong as the silicon seal used to be.

When a seal breaks, its no longer water tight. Water will drip through the bath /shower seal and drip out of the bath / shower onto the bathroom floor. If the silicon seal is not replaced , then the leak can continue onto the ceiling downstairs.

Shower Bath Door Seals

We will replace the plastic seal at the bottom of the shower door or the bath panel.  

With constant movement over time, the seal rubbing against the shower tray or bath causes the plastic to break. Once its broken the bath seal is no longer keeping water in the bath. Water can escape through the gap between the door and the bath tray. Once water escapes from the bath then it can do anywhere causing damage until the leak is fixed.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Fab job. I contacted Dave on saturday and today (Monday) he completed the job impeccably. The old bath tub sealant was replaced fully and the new sealant was applied perfectly leaving the bath tub area like new. I would recommend Bathroom fixer for any bathroom renovation job.

Michael Dempsey

Great experience here. Called this morning at 9.30. The shower leak was found and fixed by 5.30. Great service. Recommend for sure.

Alan Murray

After my son used bathroom fixer in his apartment and seeing the result I got my bath and shower resealed and regrouted. Great job and I will recommend.

Aisling Matthews